MultiMediate: Multi-modal Group Behaviour Analysis for Artificial Mediation

Bodily Behaviour Recognition Leaderboard

Username and affiliation Publication Code Accuracy Date tested Challenge
Baseline 2023 MultiMediate ’23: Engagement Estimation and Bodily Behaviour Recognition in Social Interactions, ACM Multimedia 2023 0.5628 2023
Li et al. (Hefei University of Technology, China) Data Augmentation for Human Behavior Analysis in Multi-Person Conversations, ACM Multimedia 2023 0.626 14.07.2023 2023
Madan et al. (IIT Ropar, India) MAGIC-TBR: Multiview Attention Fusion for Transformer-based Bodily Behavior Recognition in Group Settings, ACM Multimedia 2023 0.57 14.07.2023 2023